The House & Grounds Development Project

27 April 2015
Building work is now complete, adding two sumptuous accommodation rooms and a big event space on the top floor.

12 November 2014
The west side extension is up to roof height and the art studio is also about to get its roof. When the roofs are on and windows in, we can then work inside the buildings to finish them off without worrying about winter weather.

16th September 2014
The East side extension is now finished and people are moving into it, we'll put some pictures in the 'gallery'. The West side extension got planning permission and is now being contructed, and the art studio in the garden is also under way. We're really grateful for the good weather which is letting us make fast progress with these projects, hoping to have roofs on them before the winter sets in.

28th May 2014
The building on the East side is going at impressive pace, reaching as high as the apex of the roof today. Some on-the-fly last minute minor changes have been included at the request of our lovely neighbours Francoise and Dave. Planning for the West side is still pending but we seem to be getting closer to an understanding with the local authority. A wwoofer who may be able to help with other building projects is coming tomorrow. We've started using the new parking area at the front of the house. We are in need of someone with architect skills and in-depth knowledge of PD.

27 April 2014

-The driveway now goes all the way down to the orchard after pouring another 20 tons of concrete, and the fence with our west side neighbour is now finished and strongly concreted to withstand the 80 mile an hour winds which last winter damaged it.

-Building work has finally started on the East side extension to add 3 rooms. The builders seem very nice so far.

-We are still awaiting planning permission on the West side to add two more rooms plus the big meeting room on the first floor. If all goes well we should have that finished by November.

-We have been thinking that we will build an art studio in the garden ourselves, and are hoping there will be energy to do this next year when the community is full.

-A car park for 5 vehicles in the front garden is coming along, the sooner it can be ready the better because there is very little kerb space and the builders' vehicles are causing congestion.

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